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Thread: hhbtm orders

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    Default hhbtm orders

    i preordered the new elekibass a while ago and thought they were being shipped at the end of july. is that not true?

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    I'm still waiting for the DVD they were supposed to put out. I assume it's because Mike was busy with the festival.

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    Mike has always been prompt with his orders. I've ordered from him 4 times.

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    Default PROBLEMS

    The DVD-R isn't working out, we keep trying to make it sound good, but the audio is really bad. I am going to end up shipping out copies of Elekibass minus the DVD-R and w/ KKeith John Adams album PIP to make up for it. The dvd-r will still be worked on, but it might or might not happen, the audio is just not up to a standard I want out there, nor would Elekibass. Everything is shipping on Monday for folks who ordered the Elekibass or the DVD video compilation. I will say popfest really took it out of me, I crashed for the week after it was over, pretty much doing nothing. I'm in the middle of catching up now. Basically a month worth of projects are still waiting. anyway look for lots of things going on with the label in the next 2 weeks. Also we are already planning popfest 2006. Mike


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