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    NoHarshChemicals Guest

    Default i had a dream

    i had a dream that they made a tv show called The Gay Parade of Montreal and it a cartoon on pbs all about the characters of the gay parade. Alot of yellow, green, and red. Overall, I liked it. I would have watched it.

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    thinkingthinking Guest


    sounds like something jerry fallwell would love!

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    LecithinE Guest


    Originally posted by thinkingthinking
    sounds like something jerry fallwell would love!

    if there was such a show and a douche-nozzle like Mr. Falwell tried to take it down... I would take him down

    but anywho, I once drew a half-assed comic book of the Gay Parade characters and would be willing to sell the rights to development of an original series...

    any takers?


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