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Thread: live videos???

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    RiversShackleton Guest

    Default live videos???

    I am so excited about seeing Of Montreal in April. ive never seen them before and was wondering how they are live. do they still do skits? does anyone have any live video of their shows?

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    kteberry Guest


    Prepare for the bext expirence of your life. Of Montreal shows are better than a lot of sex and drugs.

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    that summary is pretty close to the mark. I've seen'em 4 or 5 times. they are always incredible.
    the last time I saw them, in sept, they broke into a 5-10 min slo-mo brawl.
    here are pics from that show:

    heres some others:

    and if you didn't see these, they are from a pollinaire rave tour, these are fun:

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    RiversShackleton Guest


    thanx for the pics, they look like an experience, to say the least, live. i hope they are still doing the skits and stuff that ive read about. i'm counting the days until that show!!! i was also wondering if they are approachable at their shows, or do they just hang backstage all night?


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