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    i first listened to on avery island about eleven years ago. i went through a lot with e6 over the years; life-changing imagination-shaping, four-tracking my way through my teens, penpals from the forum leading to transatlantic romance, etc. just like the collective i grew up in a shithole town daydreaming and singing to pass the darker days. avery island remains a personal record to me, its just a wonderful portrait of domestic spiritualism. i trawled through plenty of back pages of interviews years ago detailing how jeff slept in closets, on couches, back rooms of friends houses - i kinda did the same, as many of us have im sure. i still feel like im right there with jeff, robert and the 8 track when naomi comes on. as far as im concerned everything to do with milk was human and real and i always get annoyed when people mythologize jeff to be a mysterious prophet. here's some brief background on the songs, for anyone who wasn't savvy. if these songs click with you, it could be fun to go read deeper and see what resonates. love!

    song meanings:
    song against sex: “i’m grossed out about sex being used as a tool for power, about people not giving a shit about who they’re putting their dick into. i find that to be really upsetting. i’ve known a lot of people that have been heavily damaged by some asshole’s drunken hard-on. and that stuff really upsets me. it’s not against sex itself…”
    you've passed: jeff's grandmother dying while he was out of town and his guilt in not visiting her sooner
    a baby for pree: pain & beauty of childbirth
    gardenhead: the 'gardenhead' was a crazy neighbour e6ers used to live by who'd yell in the yard
    three peaches: suicide attempt of a friend
    naomi: of naomi yang from galaxie 500. a few years ago she made a music video miming to it.
    apr 8th: reclusive artist henry darger

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    I have a couple of these saved:

    "The song 'You've Passed' was actually written for my grandmother who passed away right after we left Seattle. I happened to call my Mom while were in Washington state and she told me that my grandmother had died, and I didn't even get to go to the funeral. So that song was written for her when I was living in a sort of boiler room connected to a friend's apartment in Denver. The room housed the boiler and all the pipes and stuff and when the maintenance people would come I'd have to run and hide my bedding and pretend I wasn't living there. Actually, I wrote a lot of songs in there. I have nice memories of that little room. All of my songs are life, you know? I have a little dream world in my head and I just sing about it. I don't really understand it either, or understand it in a way that I could express verbally."

    "'Gardenhead' was written right before the sun came up one morning in Athens. I was sort of hallucinating because I hadn't slept in a long time and I was dying to go to sleep but I kept telling myself that I needed to finish this song first. Finally I finished it and collapsed asleep with exhaustion. I woke up next day, sang it again and there it was."

    Jeff: It's more like a story than a concept in the sense that concepts can be overly done. I'm not conceptual in the full sense of the word. It's not supposed to be a book where the opening is page one and it works up to the end. There is definitely a story, but at the same time, there's not a rigid structure. Do you understand?
    Sample: Well, although there's a story, I have no idea what it's about. Any explanation I've come up with is by virtue of just making something up in order to find something.
    Jeff: I write lots of songs that relate to each other and some of them end up being released and others don't so it's an ongoing thing where the same story is continued in many songs . . . I just keep writing until it's finished and they get cut up into different parts. Because people are going to relate to songs and relate them to their lives, it's not just a one-sided, either you get it or you don't, story.

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