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    Default 2018 Meet Up Moments

    There were a few memories I'd like to share:

    1. I asked Christinaisntcreative if she had remembered something that someone said here, can't remember now... and she finished her drink from her water bottle, closes the lid, and looks at me and say "oooh, you don't have to worry about that... I remember everything that happens there." all serious. hahahahaha

    2. Len stumblin down the side walk streets in noho. I love going for walks.

    3. When I was leaving, Len told me that it was okay to leave Christinaisntcreative with them. He said, "I know where in Hollywood but don't worry no one is going to see anyone's guts tonight hahahaha" then the look he gave me as I closed the door. Creeeep eeeey

    4. Akryllic A loosing everything a responsible adult doesn't loose.

    5. After leaving the sushi place I was saying you know a lot of Asian cultures eat any kind of animal possible. Like in Thailand it has to do with when they had a war one time and food was really scarce, so they had to eat the dogs. Eating dogs for them symbolizes the ultimate will to survive. Akryllic says "when normally people would die they say 'no fuck that were taking the dogs first'" hahahahahahaha!!! omg.

    Love you guys. Hope to see you in the future in the flesh once again.
    I know damage is spelled damage but I got too creative trying to utilize dame in brain dame age.

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    4. Akryllic A loosing everything a responsible adult doesn't loose.

    i'm still not over this, i was like, "uh here i have $6" and somehow we all survived? weird. also how we tried to return a guitar to a rental place at 10pm in a very sketchy area because they completely forgot to do it. luckily i did it the next day and the guy was super hot

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