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    Default vinyl reissues

    on bandcamp The Essex Green have today released lp's of Cannibal Sea and The Long Goodbye on vinyl, including digital downloads (and some digital bonustracks).

    since I'm not a vinyl guy, and I already have the cd's, I'll download the bonustracks I didn't already have. Tomorrow the new cd will be in my mailbox, so this will be an Essex Green weekend for me

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    I see "Pack Up Your Troubles" from the Pow To The People 2cd (one of the bonustracks) has had it's name corrected into "Pack Up Your Sorrows".

    Does someone know where "San Bernadino" is from? I mean where was it first released? Same question for "The Boo Hoo Boy Reprise"?

    "Everybody's Missin The Sun" is also one of the bonustracks but it's a different version from the same cover that is on the Ladybug Transistor's ep "Here Comes The Rain".

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