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    Default The Nesey Gallons Archive

    Hey everyone!

    I recently set up a Subreddit for Nesey Gallons.
    In doing so I thought it would be a good idea to archive as much as I can. The Archive will be available in the sidebar of the Subreddit.

    Currently I have archived the following:
    - Every E6 Townhall post
    - The Hurrah For Karamazov blog
    - The Mouse Papers blog
    - Her Twitter feed
    - All of her Facebook photos and videos
    - All of her Flickr photos
    - Every interview I can find (both audio and written)
    - The two live recordings I was able to find (8/11-19/2010)
    - The three album reviews I was able to find
    - Every video related to the production of "Misprisions" or "Blueberry Islands" as it was originally titled

    I intend to archive the following:
    - Every Youtube video related to Nesey
    - All of her Instagram posts (this one is proving difficult because her Instagram is private, therefore I can't just download all of them with a program I found to download an Instagram feed).

    If there is anything that the people who read this forum could contribute it would be much appreciated.
    Also, if you're a Reddit user come join the subreddit! Another mod would be nice, and maybe someone that knows a little more CSS than I do.

    Anyways, thanks for reading!
    Looking forward to hearing back from the few souls left here.

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    file under: unhealthy internet behaviour example #246

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    I actually have a bunch of nesey posts saved in a notepad document that he deleted after he made them. Not even kidding. I was able to save them after deletion because I used to be a moderator. I've never shown them to anyone. How much can you offer me?

    I also have two complete chess games with him saved in chess notation on I can sell you the links as a bundle. Full disclosure: I won both games, which probably hurts their value.

    And, of course, I have access to his Instagram page. I'll screenshot everything for an hourly fee.

    After we settle those, we can talk about the handwritten postcards I have from him.

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