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    Default atlanta mag story on robert (bill's death)

    so, this is a very interesting read for sure, but the part that immediately stuck out was that it mentions bill's cause of death, which i believe up to this point has never been published.

    "Schneider arrived in Atlanta in the summer of 2012. That very weekend, Doss, his best friend from Elephant 6, died of an aneurysm. I talked to him one day, and the next day, he was dead. He had no health problems, nothing. It was out of nowhere."

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    As far as I know this was unknown publicly before. Thank you Robert for sharing.Not knowing made the sting that much worse.
    Who knew that there would actually be a hell, and that it would be in New Jersey?

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    Wow crazy to finally know so many years later. Still so awful though, a fucking aneurysm just like that. Shit.

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    late to the party. But yeah i just stumbled upon this article. wow, i was curious for so long. Today was the 8th anniversary of the Holiday Surprise show I went to

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