It has been ages since the last HHBTM newsletter, but that is due more to pressing plant delays than anything else. November brings four new releases including Try The Pie, Antlered Aunt Lord, Crunchy, and Two White Cranes. With all these new releases I need to make room for the next round of records coming up, so there are some major sales running until the end of the year. The Marshmallow Coast “Vangelis Rides Again” vinyl repressing is currently in. This will be the last time it will be pressed with a glow-in-the-dark sleeve. So if you missed out on a vinyl version of the new album get one now as there are less than 50 copies left. I’ll be doing another newsletter in just about a week for some major pre-orders and new HHBTM shirts so be on the lookout for that one.

We have some package deals and catalog / artist starter kits running ‘til the end of the year. Be sure on the package deals to list a substitute item within the deals cause a few items are down to the very last copies.

Self-titled LP, Minima Moralia LP, Genius Fatigue LP, Kingdom Technology LP, Form a Line 12”, split 7” w/ Shrag, Solar Sister 7” only $35 (that is a $35 savings)

Big Cats Can Swim LP, Crunch LP, split 7” w/ Good Grief only $20 (that is an $11 savings)

Home Recordings 84-90 LP, Home Recordings 93-99 LP only $15.00 (that is an $11 savings)

This Is What Your Mind Imagines LP, D.Y.I. LP only $15.00 (that is an $11 savings)

Albatross LP, Classic Creeps LP, An Elephant LP, Nom 12” only $25.00 (that is a $22 savings)

(7” bundle of one of each single for only $12.00)
- Bam! Bam! - Golden Haze EP
- Orca Team - Take My Hand
- Orca Team - Vancouver B.C.
- Tunabunny - Song for My Solar Sister
- Eureka California / Good Grief - split
- Skinny Girl Diet / Ethical Debating Society - split

(choose any 6 cassettes for only $20.00 from the list below)
- Bunnygrunt - Vol 4
- Crayon - Brick Factory
- Crunchy - Crunchy EP
- Eureka California - Big Cats Can Swim
- Eureka California - Crunch
- Muuy Biien - D.Y.I.
- Joe Jack Talcum - Home Recordings 1993 - 1999
- Try the Pie - Rest
- Two White Cranes - Radisson Blue

(choose any 10 CDs for $12.00 from the list below)
* CDs in regular jewel cases shipped minus the jewel case outside the USA
- 63 Crayons - Good People (one left)
- Keith John Adams - Pip
- Keith John Adams - Unclever
- Afternoon Naps - Parade
- Ryan Anderson - the Garden Path (one left)
- Ashley Park - Secretariat Motor Hotel (two left)
- Baby Calendar - Gingerbread Dog (one left)
- Bearsuit - OH:IO
- Boyracer - happenstance
- Cars Can Be Blue - Doubly Unbeatable
- Cars Can Be Blue - Trace the Tension
- Casper & the Cookies - Modern Silence (four left)
- Elekibass - California
- Eux Autres - Cold City (one left)
- Fablefactory - Freak Out Hard On You (one left)
- Fablefactory - We Won’t Rock You (one left)
- Forever - St
- High Water Marks - Polar (three left)
- Hotpants Romance - It’s a Heatwave (two left)
- Ideal Free Distribution - st (two left)
- Lolligags - Wired
- Lolligags - Out of Perversity Join Hands
- Marshmallow Coast - Seniors & Juniors Strike Back
- Orca Team - Restraint
- Red Pony Clock - God Made Dirt
- Sourpatch - Crushin
- Superions - s/t
- Velcro Stars - Hiroshima’s Revenge
- v/a - HHBTM Vol 4

(buy any 3 LPs at regular price and get a 4th LP for FREE)
* lowest priced LP is the FREE one
* distro items are included in this sale

Two White Cranes - Radisson Blue Cassette $5.00
HHBTM came to find Two White Cranes in the best way possible, seeing Roxy (Two White Cranes) perform solo in Bristol opening for another band on the label while on tour in the UK. There was zero expectation and the band had been added kinda last minute. Within the first song it took me back to living room shows or seeing a band like Lois or Mirah do an in-store. The songs so delicate and so powerful. Just a magnificent voice that tiptoes the line of Madeline and Sibylle Baier and a plucked nylon string guitar. Songs for of hope and loss and resonance in both tone and feeling. Those songs stayed with me for weeks on end. Shortly after this, Roxy joined Joanna Gruesome as their new vocalist. We bumped into each other again in the UK and yet another surprise show where she came in and played a set just her and that same guitar but in a giant tent. Almost a year from seeing her perform the first time around this tape is released with hopes this is just one of a long line of many.

Try the Pie - Rest LP $13.00 / Cassette $5.00
Try The Pie is the songwriting project of San Jose based musician/writer/artist Bean Tupou. A scaled-back affair compared to last year’s Distraction, Rest is a seductive mix of sugar & citrus, as achingly sincere as Kim Deal at her finest. You can’t help holding your breath to hear how the story ends. "’Alu'a’ is the Tongan word for goodbye when you are staying and the other person is going. ‘Rest’ is an album dedicated to this sentiment. I wrote the songs over a duration of three years (2005-2008) and recorded it in the last year by myself in my room in San Francisco. Sometimes you can hear someone doing dishes or the beep of a dying smoke-detector. This album is an example of the slow, whispering tempo, slanted harmonies and embellished metaphors that I grew up listening to.” As part of the bands Sourpatch and Crabapple, and as one of the creative forces behind the Think and Die Thinking Collective, Tupou has been a fixture on the South Bay’s DIY punk scene, crafting socially-conscious and catchy punk rock while helping creates spaces that are open, accepting, and fun—a universe of gender-neutral pronouns & queer-positive politics. It’s a record so intimate it feels almost like you’re eavesdropping. You unconsciously hold your breath to keep from being noticed. The songs are littered with household objects, embodied and alive. References to neighbors and roommates abound. Listen to ‘Seahorse’ and hear a story of immobilization and the struggle to stay afloat, simultaneously wistful & withdrawn, youthful & yearning. “Rest” is the sound of a fragile sensitivity—the avalanche of life communicated through tentative wishes and plaintive regrets. An album so open and honest that its very existence is an act of bravery. And when so much of our lives are consumed by fear and what others will think of us, the masks we create to make other people happy, we need records like this more than ever. HHBTM Records is beyond proud to be associated with a record like this and everything it stands for.

Antlered Aunt Lord - Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire) LP $13.00
Antlered Aunt Lord is entirely Jesse Stinnard, a guy who’s spent the past ten years in Athens, Georgia, as a cherished eccentric in a town known for its cherished eccentricities. HHBTM is honored to bring Stinnard’s tuneful genius into the light with his first official release. Antlered Aunt Lord is everything today’s music is not—melodic, lyrically inventive, reticent, and moving. Songs so catchy they sound like they emerged fully-formed from the radio, with lyrics so mysterious they sound like they emerged from your dreams. This is the prophet sharing—the missing link between the Pixies and The Byrds if they’d been raised in the Appalachians. Little was known about Stinnard, an autodidact often seen around town in 24-hour diners reading thousand page books, until he was begged into joining Tunabunny when their drummer quit days before the band’s first tour (Stinnard had approached the band after their third show and asked if he could record them). His shows around town are legendary for their passionate indifference. Stinnard’s been known to stand with his back to the audience screaming at unseen phantoms. Sometimes there’s a band, sometimes it’s just Stinnard with tape loops streaming around the space. Culled from a several-hundred song backlog, Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (And On Fire) is the sound of brain fever on fire. You think of R. Stevie Moore until you realize he never made a song as moving as ‘Throwback Bikes.’ You think of Robert Pollard until you realize Pollard hasn’t made a song as great as ‘Hi Beam Hi Priest (Blinker Fluid)’ since the last century. You hear the open-throated beautiful love of ‘Monopilot’ and think of early R.E.M. Then you remember that R.E.M. is dead. Antlered Aunt Lord is alive.

Crunchy - Crunchy EP Cassette $5.00
Bass / Vocals / Drums / Two Ladies / Athens / Georgia / Fuzz / Grunge / Garage / Weed / Spring Break / Riot / Enough Said.