HEY! I just released "Black Velvet" on tape, dark blue cassette shell w/ cassette exclusive artwork. Hand-stamped front covers.
I just put it up for sale along with a few other new LST releases. Check it out!

*** Tapes are $5 and come with digital download where noted. ***
Professionally duplicated "pro tapes". Stupid terminology get lost.

+++++ NEW RELEASES +++++

* LST-34 Neighbors "John In Babeland" tape w/ digital download
Seattle's version of Pavement. Nuanced slacker rock.

* LST-35 Madeline "Black Velvet" tape
60's pop influenced indie folk. CD/LP on This Will Be Our Summer.

* LST-36 Stephen Steinbrink "Yellow Canary Jumpsuit" tape w/ digital download
A compilation of b-sides and collaborations from the French Quarter dude.

* LST-37 Your Heart Breaks "Harsh Tokes & Bong Jokes" tape
An album about growing up and all its complications. CD/LP on This Will Be Our Summer.

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+ Giant Peach "Glow Away, Ghetto Way" cdr (Life on an Island)
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+ Madeline Ava "Still Gonna Be Fine" tape (Self Released)
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+ Neato Fleets "Reckless Tongue" cdr (Life on an Island)
+ Nude Beach "Live at Gunthers" tape (Life on an Island)
+ Pedagogues "Exit Valve" tape (Radical Clatter)
+ Slashed Tires "Assure" tape (Off Tempo)
+ Solid Home Life "Solid Home Life" tape (Curly Cassettes)
+ Stephen Steinbrink "Condensed Nothing" tape (Holy Page)
+ Theo Hilton, Ryan Woods, Toby Foster, Clyde Petersen "Self Titled" LP (Talking Helps)
+ Tyson Ballew "Summer of Dodos" tape (Tummy Rock) - restock
+ Various Artists "Holy Page Halloween Compilation" (Holy Page)

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