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    Not sure if you've really done any sort of in-depth comparison, but Clayton is just a far superior drummer, technically. I don't know if drums are supposed to be Jamey's main instrument, but he didn't really always keep a steady beat, and he didn't do anything fancy. Not that fanciness makes the drummer, but I think Kevin is happy to have someone who has more grooves in his repertoire.
    I have not done any sort of in-depth analysis, and there are few drummers who have ever really taken my breath away with their skills (Alan Wren being the last) - but I do recall Jamey being fluent enough to drive the drums along without raising any questions as to his ability. That being said, the last OM show I witnessed was on the Hissing Fauna tour, so anything forward that was limited to Youtube clips (which I never enjoy). Still or lessover, not a single big drum moment comes to mind when I think about the last few records. It's all very tertiary to lyrics, melodies and schizo tempo changes.

    But as you said "James Husband was damn good live."

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    Jamey's a hell of a musician/performer, and I love his music, but Clayton is in a whole different league when it comes to drums. I actually do think there are some big drum moments on the last few records, and the overall variety of what Clayton is capable of really drives a lot of the music in ways theretofore impossible. Not to mention most of the drums on the albums leading up to Clayton's arrival were programmed.

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    He left because of the pollution of his imbecile rages

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