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    Default Big Fresh "Moneychasers" is finally out!! (on gold vinyl to boot)

    Hi friends!! See below the press release from Garden Gate Records about the new Big Fresh record, which just came out and is a seriously awesome pop music affair!! I have been lucky to observe as the record has been made over the last two years (I play in various bands, such as the Apples, Thee American Revolution and Ulysses, with Big Fresh members John Ferguson, Ben Fulton and Ben Phelan), much like being washed by waves of hit song after hit song. I think fans of The Apples in stereo, R. Stevie Moore (who plays guitar on the record), Phoenix, Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Devo, and Brian Wilson will really love "Moneychasers." Thanks for reading my plug for one of my favorite bands ever : )

    Robert Schneider

    TAKE A YACHT RIDE IN SPACE: The stellar new BIG FRESH album "MONEYCHASERS" is out today in all corners of the UNIVERSE via gold vinyl LP, CD and download! See your local independent record store, iTunes, or drop in for tea at

    >>Press release from the Garden Gate Records website:

    Take a yacht ride in space, with the new Big Fresh record blasting out of the portholes. More hooks than an android can compute. Post-modern pop formations. Sleek wave of swirling harmonies, horns and electronic bliss. Humming like a child with a crystal radio.

    This is the cosmic-scale pop of "Moneychasers," a stellar LP lying in a galactic sector between Tusk and R. Stevie Moore, available October 25, 2011, on colored vinyl, CD and download.

    In addition to filling your mind with smooth, joyful music, "Moneychasers" aims to challenge your game-playing skills: The band created an absurdist board game that makes up the album artwork. Now it is your move.

    Seal the hatch. Engage forward thrusters. Beam in some friends, press play and blast off.
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