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    Default unreleased songs

    hi, so i know madeline has some great unreleased songs, you can hear them live or on youtube or shit like that. and sometimes when i'm reading threads about her songs so many people know about these songs that it makes me feel like i'm missing something and that they've already been released. as a completist when it comes to music, i panic at the thought of missing out on a release. i have the albums, the dead bird split, the blau tour ep, butterfly ep, pink couch song, and some live songs. if anyone could link me to anything else it would be much appreciated!

    specifically, the song "why did you do it" which i've only heard on youtube, has that been released on anything?

    thank you in advance for any help!

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    There's a few shows up there, a lot of previously live-only stuff has been released on Black Velvet.
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    youre not a completist if you're not aware of the songs. you're just OCD.


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