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Thread: I had a dream

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    Freakboy Guest

    Default I had a dream

    last night

    i was in an old car with Jeff Mangum and we were driving down this road and suddenly i said "Do you want to listen to Will Oldham?"

    I learned earlier today that Will Oldham is or is one of Jeff's favorite musicians so i think that has to do with it. anyway,

    so jeff goes "sure" but the way he said it was the most knowing and casual thing in the world it was like "Ah yes Alex trying to win points with me a.k.a god of awesome by owning a CD by my favorite musician"

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    icarus Guest


    I had a dream that I ran into Will Oldham at my public library and we sat down in these chairs by this big mural that they have there. I asked where he gets his inspiration to write songs and he simply said, "Books." It was great. I know that more stuff happened but I don't remember. I should really write my dreams down.

    Where did you hear that Will is one of Jeff's favorite musicians? That's really cool.

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    Freakboy Guest


    My brother's friend James was at our house, and he asked if I'd heard him, I said "I've heard of him" and he said that Will Oldham is one of Jeff's favorites. I dont know how he knows that but thats what he said

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    opopopo Guest


    i havn't had any dreams about Will Olham or Jeff Mangum, but i did spend saturday afternoon walking around tape recording strangers dreams.

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    DrinkTeaEatBooks Guest


    I dreamt once that I was outside a pub with Rob Schneider, talking about worms or something, I think it might have been just something from 'Conversation with Robert Schneider', actually, and all of a sudden everyone just started jumping on the chairs and shouting 'Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!' - because I'm assuming it was Christmastime. I think I ran away, but that's all I can really remember.

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    The_new_improved_Kirk Guest


    i had a dream that i was in an empty room and dottie from of montreal came in and she had these two white pianos but she called them something diferent and they had rounded sides liek a booth at a 50's diner, and they sounded really warm and preety like a music box, she tought me how to play them really good, but i wokeup and i still couldnt play piano, i was disapointed

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    ihavenoface Guest


    well I have had many strange dreams, but this is a repetitive dream that happened a ton in like 2nd and 3rd grade.
    ok, im outside, and a whole pack of vicious dogs come and chase me, like 30 fucking dogs, and then I run around my backyard, then up a hill, and they all attack me on top of a hill of dirt, and I die, then I wake up feeling weird, go back to sleep and then go on a family vacation where we are driving on a road, and drive off a cliff, fall into lava, and die in a fiery inferno/river of flames.
    no one special was in it...
    except those dogs, and my family

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    The_new_improved_Kirk Guest


    in 3d grade?? you poor thing

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    newartriotgirl Guest


    i once had a dream that i was a paramedic and i was helping a woman who was shot. we put her up on the gurney and rolled her into the ambulance. i looked down at her, and sudenly something happened and i was looking up into some woman's face. turns out i ended up being the woman who was shot, and i was looking up at the paramedic. i felt the pain of the bullet being stuck inside me and i felt myself die. it was an intense feeling.. not painful.. more frustrating. like when you're really tired and you're sitting in class and you're drifting in and out of sleep and you're trying so hard to stay awake.. it was like that.. trying so hard to stay alive.... after the dream, i ran into my parents' room and yelled out that i had been shot. they thought it was real. i felt so bad. i explained it was a dream and i crawled into a ball on their floor. they wouldn't let me sleep there. if only they had known the comfort that peach carpet provided.

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    ihavenoface Guest


    ive felt myself get killed, many times, and it sucked, but I thought the vicious dogs story was much funnier, and would make people really happy, I also used to dream about devil worshippers all the time as a young child, that was weird.

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