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    Default obscure cappilary

    some of you may be wondering, who is this obscure cappilary of the elephant 6 system, "Calvin, don't jump!"?

    well allow me to invite you to listen to my new album, 'under bridges'. absolutely free, right here on:

    most of my time is spent caring for two very wonderful kids. the rest is divided between working as an acupuncturist in vancouver and playing as much music as i can. some very dear friends here helped with this album and sometimes we still play.
    love, kirk

    ps. pete erchick still says, "what can you do for me, for free, because i know kirk pleasant?"

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    I echo all sentiments in this thread. Listen to the stuff!

    P.S., I'm still planning on sending something in exchange. Actually, that's true to both of you in this thread so far.
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