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    Default MIDWEST SOLO STUFF (Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Bloomington Normal)

    Saturday, December 18th
    Bloomington, IL @ Firehouse Pizza (107 E. Beaufort)
    Hey y'all I'm doing more shows with Ryan Woods and Toby Foster, and this time our friend Jared Estridge (who plays in a band called Pink Houses with Ryan) is playing with us and Connor is coming too. yay party come hang out.

    Sunday, December 19th
    Milwaukee, WI @ The Laundry Chute
    Locust & Fratney, 7:00pm, w/ Duke of Bilgewater & Steph Chura

    Monday, December 20th
    Chicago, IL @ The Moving Castle
    2769 W. Henry Ct., 6:00pm, w/ Carrie Colpitts and Jim Joyce

    Tuesday, December 21st
    Grand Rapids, MI @ My So-Called House
    33 Eastern SE, 6:00pm vegan potluck/7:00pm music, w/ Ex-Con

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