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    Love this stuff. I listened to it quite a lot on the way to work after college.

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    I grew up with these guys. It was great to see AJ make it into Olivia Tremor Control. I have all of their early recordings, it's just as incredible as the album they released with Garden Gate. In fact, there are two other versions of the same album, recorded up here in Maine. Someday I'll open the vaults, this stuff deserves to be heard.

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    Open the vaults sooner rather than later. I want to hear.

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    These are already online:

    Before "Laminated Cat", they were called "Interobang". These are 3 of the 16 songs from their first (self-titled) album. The song "Miriam" is nothing short of a masterpiece, in my opinion.

    Umbrella Weather was the 2nd album. They eventually re-recored UW in Kentucky for Garden Gate Records, but the lo-fi version is 2 tracks longer. I'll dig it up soon. I listen to it often on my iPod.

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    Original Umbrella Weather would make my month, whichever month it is. Are they okay with you sharing it?

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    yes, more umbrella weater sounds awesome, as long as its music, and not the actual weather.

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