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  1. Christina!
  2. how did i save your life today?
  3. Christina! Oh, thank God! Christina!
  4. you're the only one who would say something that nice to me.
  5. I hope somebody is making you orgasm right now. You deserve lots of orgasms.
  6. in my dorm room, having sex with you
  7. Where are you?
  8. crap i'm going the opposite direction, i need to go buy a bike BUT I LEFT MY WALLET IN MY PANTS. FUCK.
  9. This is a status update - I'm streaking through some place in Utah. If you leave now, we should meet up somewhere in the middle in like two, three months.
  10. probably a combo of C and D but, i mean, it's not like it'd be anything i haven't seen before...CREEPY WINK ALERT ;) no seriously we should just nude up right now and run to each other
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