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  1. i appreciate that <3 but my main strategy is just to win people over by constantly posting winnie the pooh videos, so you can thank him.
  2. you are the best poster on townhall.
  3. ur my favskis.
  4. well, you don't suck either. I lub u and all your non-creativity.
  5. on december 9th you called me creative. on december 10th i made you a macaroni portrait. on december 11th, i got embarrassed so i lit it on fire. it was at that moment i knew i was an artist. i'm sorry it took 18 days to tell you that you are my inspiration.
  6. I know you're super critical of yourself and because of that you'll never understand when I say this: you ARE creative!!!1!1!!!1one!!

  7. <3 i love all one of your heads.
  8. When I told you I liked you, I meant it. You're great.
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