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  1. Hey are you still around here? We should be facebook friends or something.
    What's been happening in your life? Accordians?
  2. What a pleasant surprise-stalking! I am flattered, though I may have exaggerated. I am a relative beginner at making instruments. Mostly I just build and take apart, for one-off things and such, but I have made a few permanent ones. That gets really easy to do if you're just circuit bending. My most recent was a Cigar Box Uke, that was my first stringed instrument to not look like shit. I currently have a balloon-reed horn in the works and and am gathering wood for a bass of sorts. I am focusing my spare time more on recording lately, and don't expect to finish these with speed. We used to have a Homemade Instruments thread around here. I'll dig it up.
  3. I accidentally stalked you on youtube and read your comment on youtube about making your own instruments (under robert's mind controlled synth video), I was wondering if you'd share any of them.
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