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  1. sup Andrew! I think it's safe to say it's been awhile! PM me
  2. Jackson! Man I haven't talked to you in forever. :/ I still gotta send you that tape!
  3. [url][/url]

    saw these guys on friday night. they're pretty incredible.
  4. Did your internet die or something?
  5. Really? That would be awesome, although really too nice of you.
  6. Actually....let me look, I might have an extra sound card I don't need anymore!
  7. Money isn't much of an option right now but I'm gonna get a nice one when I have ~$70 to spare, I figure that should be more than sufficient, maybe could even throw in a decent soundcard. thanks!
  8. Gaaah that sucks. :/ you might be better off getting a tape deck and a tape converter if you want to rip mp3s, but if I see any I'll let you know!
  9. It no longer works, and it never worked well. I want to get a better one that I can rip with, but it's hard to know what to get. I know I can get a good one for cheap but it's just kind of a minefield looking. And you're lucky, depending on the exact model those go from $100-400 ,they're really good decks. Take good care of it!
  10. Denon SF. It's nice but I have a feeling it's expensive. :/ what happened to your old one?
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