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  3. today there was a robin bathing in a puddle that formed after a rainstorm in the driveway where i work. and recently i spotted a cedar waxwing in the trees behind my house. really lovely. i hope the waxing sticks around. they are such beautiful birds.

    i don't know whereabouts in england you are, but i hope you are safe right now.
  4. i think jackdaws have more black on them and have rounder heads than hooded crows, but i can't be sure since i have never seen either of them in person. i love collectives of crows. the cat's appearance is slightly alarming. i hope he wanders back to his homespace and leaves your birdfriends alone. like most souls, i think cats sometimes just get restless and like to wander to new territories. my brother had a neighbor's cat wandering over to his house at times during the day and early evening hours a few weeks ago, but the cat has stopped visiting (it probably helps that they are doing a lot of construction along the road where he lives, so the cat is probably wary of the loud noises and heavy machinery). i figure he was just in need of a vacation.
  5. I'm in two minds about his appearance. Whilst I admit to very much liking his company, I fear that his presence in and around my house is causing a few of the birds to become nervous and worried, particularly the sparrows that live in a large bush near to the top of my garden. I would rather the birds feel at home than the cat, if I am speaking honestly. The cat has another home, the birds don't know another home, particularly the younger souls. I trust that Amelia and Abraham are well, and that their young have learnt safely to fly.
  6. Well over one month since you last shared news with me of Amelia and Abraham, I am back. I'm afraid that I haven't ever read 'The Crows of Pearblossom' by Huxley, only 'Brave New World'. Speaking of crows, over the past two months, we've had consistent visits from Jackdaws in the Garden - I've always called them Hooded Crows, I don't know if that's the correct name for them, but I've picked it up from somewhere. A few weeks ago I counted 15 of the creatures sitting in the dead tree at the bottom of my garden at dusk, it was a positively eerie sight. Lately a cat has been frequenting my home as well; he appears every day around two o' clock and places a paw on the patio doors, waiting to be let inside. He often wanders every room in the house, occasionally taking the time to fall asleep on the stairs, then precedes to go back to whichever place he calls his home.
  7. i usually call them amelia and abraham, after mr. and mrs. crow in aldous huxley's the crows of pearblossom, which was apparently re-released earlier this year. i don't know that it's fitting to call them the names of crows, but it is what i do. right now there is a dule of doves that hang around in the spruce trees and on the wires outside my house most of the day. such sweet mottled winged friends. it'd be nice to have a family of robins nearby. like so many things, robins are only spring and summer tourists in maine.
  8. I'm sorry I didn't say so sooner, but the photograph you shared with me was beautiful. The doves look like such kindly creatures. Have you assigned each of them names? My father occasionally makes bird houses for the garden, and this year we have Robin's living in one of them. I would attach a photograph, but they are terribly timid animals, and I cannot get close enough to photograph them to an adequate standard, so you'll have to make do with this artist's (photographers) impression; I hope it suffices. [IMG][/IMG]
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    these are the mourning doves that nest under the roof over my door stoop every spring and summer. today the second brood of fledglings are learning to fly.
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