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  1. my dreams repeat...if I'm ever in a vegetable state I want someone to pull the plug, I lose control in dreams....everything repeats, monotone universe
  2. when you posted your dream about the barbershop pole... was that just a snippet of the dream or was that the dream itself. I always try to recall and record whatever I can even if its just like... I saw a blue pyrex casserole dish.
  3. lolz, glad everything is alright :)
  4. oh i thought you were someone who was in a hospital in LA probably got you mixed up.

    but yeah I was freaking out when you said you had me beat... I left my class to go to the library and I was looking threw the fourm like crazy trying to find your post but it was on my visitor messages. I was FREAKING out!!! My heart stopped. thought it was something diffrent.

    dancing is my life so my life could have been dramatically changed. glad you or your girlfriend don't have choreography posted but you know... competitions not bad.... I was so scared.
  5. no, my location says :p
  6. hey... you and your girlfriend live in LA right???
  7. oh.... I get it!!!

    I was flipping out when I first saw that... I thought you were saying you allready posted choreography to otc or cs on youtube and I was panicking thinking about what I would be compared to and oh my god.... I was FREAKING out!!! whooo! glad thats over.

    ron paul 2012.
  8. got you beat by a year. *celebrates to "
  9. ron paul 2012!!! I've been saying that since 2008.
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