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  1. Hi there friend
  2. I miss you too Joe Nason, I was actually thinking about you a day or two ago. Warm thoughts

    I miss you.
  4. But i'm sworn

    to secrecy
  5. The owls have been talking to me
  6. I want my records back, and that motorcycle gas tank I spray painted black
  7. [url][/url]
  8. omg you have the best signature
  9. now she's a little boy in spain playing pianos filled with flames
  10. I thought it would be more personal to give you my response to the album here (I stayed up just to DL/listen to it :D ):

    1. I did not know you were going to include smiling today! I think it fits nicely.
    2. I really liked "squares of light", that is a nice addition.
    3. Synapse I & II are both nice. "When we come back" is also good. I like it.
    4. The "hidden" track (if it was to be called that) is really nice and pretty.

    Jack you have made an incredibly beautiful album and it makes me so happy just listening to it. I hope you never stop making music and that we always stay friends. This is so wonderful. really.
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