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  1. <3 x 320957834952170893415
  2. i was playing my guitar to a friend the other day and couldn't work out what it was that i was playing and it turned out to be Everybody's Sad Song, but it was like a mid 90s alternative version... i should record it for you.... but i am lazy.
  3. Hiiiiii Jesse!
  4. I got you a present: C| < there ya go, it's a hat sort of.
  5. Made it myself!
  6. your avatar FUCKING RULEZ
  7. I am making a box for you if we are still doing this thing.
  8. hahahahaha :D
  9. You probably didn't, but you told me that was where your name came from - I assumed that was some kind of recommendation seeing as it is your namesake. Thanks anyway
  10. You're so very welcome! But uhm..when did I recommend it? Hahaah.
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