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  1. Hahaha! For what ever reason I always had a feeling you were Peter! Regular Tom was my second guess.
    When first starting to listen to you guys I thought Mr Tom sounded a lot like Matthew Broderick. Really I still do! Cracks me up imagining Ferris Bueller talking about Harry Potter.
  2. Bahaha! Oh man I was not thinking about that at all and didn't realize that you'd have no way of knowing. I almost don't want to tell you just to keep the mystery alive. Or maybe find out your favorite and then just claim to be that one. Nah, I'm Peter.
  3. Well I'm super glad you put the link! I gotta ask though... are you Peter, Regular Tom, or Mr Tom!?
  4. Oh wow! Thank you! That's so cool to hear, I'm so glad. I rarely check this forum anymore and forgot that I ever even put a link to my podcast. THANKS
  5. I'm totally re reading half blood prince to coincide with you guys on TCTWSG!!! I love what you guys are doing, I look forward to it every week! Thanks!
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