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  1. hey I sent you a pm today... let me know if you didn't get one.
  2. :)

    ^_^ O_o
  3. hey were like twins!
  4. hey were almost on the forum AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
  5. hey boy, going to send you a pm tomorrow...

    shits going down, and I've been in rehearsals all weekend. which is cool. But that's whats hold'en me up.
  6. sometimes when I've been typing for a while I get logged off... then when I sign in I just get re-directed to my inbox, but when I do send a message I get a display saying "your message was sent" ... not this time my man!!!

  7. :)
    I have to print out the story at work Saturday, so it'll go out Monday. Stay cool :)) thanks for making me smile on another shitty day
  8. lol... its true!!! were kindred spirits ;) way chill of us to find each other on the internet, how 21 century.

    VVVV my comment here, I crack myself up VVVV
  9. ;))))
  10. why is your mood "horny" don't you think you'll give off the wrong impression with a forum full of boys??? unless that's the impression your going for(!!!!).
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