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  1. back at you love bug
  2. hope you're well, dave.
  3. just stumbled on your "Fireplace" cover in my itunes. yeah, i forgot all about it. so nice.
  4. couldn't respond because of the bans...thanx brotha! and definitely send it my way
  5. I'm working on a psychedelia mix and I used one of your tracks. Will post when finished :)
  6. angry, apologetic, vulnerable, bitter, translucent....who knows at any day, moment...all i know is it's like lotto, we have to be in it to win it
  7. There's no point in arguing anymore. You just have to be consistent with what you believe and how you feel.
  8. <3 way to keep walking the moral high ground. i'm losing touch...misanthropy
  9. at least not from you.

    love ya joe.
  10. man I hope you know there's no hate here for you.
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