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04-10-2003, 07:13 AM
hey heather, how's it going? with the loss of your old board, could you please post your current address again?

thanks :op:op:op:o!

04-11-2003, 08:16 AM
there is a half dog, half polar bear named pup puff. kevin landers saved him from being tied to train tracks years ago in snowy norway. pup at one point was vice president of the united states of america and was also the first dog to talk. he lived in kevin's (or as pup refers to him, linguh) mansion for years, playing on professional baseball, football, and basketball teams with linguh and other dogs, bulls, grools, gromleys, and humans.

over time, pup's personality changed and he started refering to himself as tuck. he had problems pronouncing certain words and sounded very cute while talking. he stopped playing professional sports and mostly stayed in the mansion. this is not completely sad because tuck and linguh had their own fun.
over more time, tuck started refering to himself as took, with the o vowels pronounced as ooh. he also started pronouncing many vowels as ooh. this again sounds very cute. he started making public appearances again. his sister, pink pearla seemed to appear out of nowhere. not much speculation went into why his name was different and where his wife, candy was, or where all his brother were. they're still around somewhere, we just don't see them much.
took was awarded with the dog of the century prize at the end of 1999. he decided to make his debut album, 2calypse (pronounced tookalypse). this story doesn't do took's talking justice, you must hear him talk one day. the album was a smash, featuring the hits, "just one of them dogs", "dog can't take the heat (unless he's gonna shave his fur)", among many others. every one of the 9 songs on the album were well known, and dozens of remixes were done by top notch producers of many genres. took began spinning the countless remixes as well as scorching tribal, house, techno, hip hop, jungle, and pop tunes at clubs and parties.
took started to hear word about the chimbots. they were to be manufactured or cloned gromleys. took was fascinated and began snooping around factories and stores, asking about the chims. eventually he found the chims in the small country mogladesh. he brought a few of them back with him to the states and announced them to be his backing band. they would be called dog smith and the chimbots. mostly he called them the chims, or chiyms, with his accent, which is now somewhat southern. the chims are well dressed and classy. the first song they did was for television at christmas time. they did a remake of chim-chim cherie from sound of music. during their early shows, took would announce the chims and let them play the entire shows instrumentally, with took snapping along in his snappy suit.
though the dog smith and chimbot album hasn't been released to my knowledge, the chimbots are about to drop their album, "here come the chims" soon.
that about catches you up with things...

tuck sometimes makes this face :o
the chims look like this sometimes :cool:

04-11-2003, 05:10 PM
just send your anthrax/bomb to the foothills hospital, calgary AB canada, and to my name... and it shall magically find me :D

04-19-2003, 10:27 PM
i've now decided that since ive been at the hospital ive been living under a rock. therefore i think i'll bring a rock to the hospital when i have to go back tomorrow and tape it to the celing above my bed.

why am i telling you this? likely because you all understand my weirdness and i've just cleaned my new nose piercing which gives me a little buzz like sniffing a magic marker. right. :D

04-21-2003, 09:40 AM
congrats on your nose piercing! have fun under the rock, bro.

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