View Full Version : 1994 Winter Catalog Releases

04-22-2007, 01:27 PM
Let's see what of the release listed in the 1994 Winter Catalog people actually own and I mean an actual physical copy. If you got any of these things why not give us a rip or two of some tracks.
Apples In Stereo: Tidal Wave, Unnamed EP, Apples/Felt Pilotes Split
Neutral Milk Hotel: Hype-City Soundtracks, Everything 7",
Sunshine Fix: Spiraling World of Pop, Unnamed Cassette
Always Red Society: Giant Chocolate Thinktank Blues, Unnamed Cassette (All these releases were unknown to me)
Marbles: Laughing, Secret World, Go Marilee 7"
Von Hemmling: Von Hemmling I, Von Hemmling II, Unnamed 7"
Vince Mole: Calcium Orchestra
Orange Cake Mix: Frozen Flower (All these releases were unknown to me)
Olivia Tremor Control: California Demise 7"

Or Any of the Literature?
Or any of the future releases: Elephant Six Double Ep, E6 Comp