View Full Version : Do you have pictures of Elf Power on Flickr?

10-30-2006, 12:20 AM
Then please add them to the Elephant 6 Flickr pool!


Hopefully this doesn't sound/feel like spamming but it's kinda ridiculous having all these elephant 6 pictures all over Flickr but not having one centralized resource for all of them. Some people tag their photos with the band name, others use "E6," still others use "elephant 6" and some people don't tag or name their photos at all and its frustrating. I have been a huge E6 fan for over 6 years now and although its a very great and tight community its just hard getting to know about everything thats out there. If you have old, analog photos out there, scan them and share them with the community! I am dying to see new and old pictures alike!

Anyways, this is my half drunken rant which I am going to probably post in each individual bands forum. anyways, if you are a fan of e6 then add me as a friend on flickr or add me as a friend on myspace, I am totally down with hearing from each and every one of you!