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08-22-2003, 09:40 PM
i always thought rap sucked until i heard this guy, it's incredible!I don't look at myself in the mirror because I'm a narcissist /
I simply like to watch myself exist...(HHHH) /
Now I'm in a fog and mist...(HHHH) /
Now my reflection is anonymous... /
Ponder this: /

I've seen a reflection of my soul in the store window /
Caught in limbo 'cause I was dressed all in Timbo's (Timberland) /
Having vivid fantasies of playing Polo with Ralph Lauren on a Tommy Hill /
And my paper thin spirit was still grieving from the Versace kill /
In Florida. Opened the door to the store and I walked through the corridor /
To see they had a blow out sale on Nautica /
But I've always been a Lord of the button down Flies? /
And being they were half-priced, I just passed 'em on by...looking for Levis /
But Guess...what? All my favorite clothing lines and hip designs /
Were being liquidized and it made me sick to my eyes /
I don't understand...when I had no ends...the price was quick to rise /
I'd buy a pair of "trends" even if they didn't fit my size /
Purchase a surplus of "fads" from merchants whose ads /
Made these cheap ass fabrics that were so worthless and sad /
Just look priceless. They used unethical devices /
To attack my sense of self-worth during my prepubescent crisis /
It fed into my insecurities, so instead of being righteous /
I wan't everyone to see me like this. "Kid, it's all about who looks the nicest" /
Ice is falling off my Rolie (Rolex) onto my body "Shoot! /
I hope to hell it doesn't melt and ruin my Armani suit." /
While I'm sweatin' this...some kid who doesn't got any loot /
Is buying my necklace along with my same exact khakis and army boots /
"What?! This is blasphemous!" /
Since Adidas tried changing its logo there ain't been nothing as wack as this /
It's probably a stunt being pulled by Animal Rights activists /
Because of all that Third World country garbage, but I'm a pacifist /
So while these monkeys sweat over my name brands that exchange hands /
From enslaved lands, I wonder if I'm the same man /
Without reward...for what I bought but CAN'T still afford /
This is the type of self-realization that might have killed the Lord /
I didn't mind working for free as a walking billboard /
But now I want my money back...as my ice spilled and poured /
Onto the floor I did see a distorted reflection of my Nike hat /
Now I don't know how others might react /
For me it was an unsightly act that helped me get my psyche back /
I stood 5 feet back, afraid that it might strike me like "Shaclack clack!" /
You think I'm kidding? Think it's no big thing? /
What I saw made my heart hurt, stomach turn, throat burn, teeth cringe, spine tingle, and ribs sting /
I noticed that the swoosh symbol was nothing but a whip in mid-swing... /