View Full Version : You were made to live, so live my love!

08-13-2003, 07:47 PM
I've been cold since winter began
all my logs grew tiny feet and ran
so i will freeze up as stiff as snow
where my bodies lies nobody knows

But I'm no longer afraid to die
I'm just afraid when I do nobody will cry
I don't want to leave the world no different
I want to leave it a better place to live in

So I'll go to you and wipe the tears away
before they melt into and become your face
Because crying's not the only thing eyes can do
But right now that's all they really know how to

Your lips were made to smile, not to frown.
your lungs were made to breathe, not to drown.
And your hair was made so I could run my fingers through
not so you could tear them from their roots
and your body was made to love and to be loved
not to be a bouy in your blood
And life was made to do, not to dream
When you're asleep, baby, you're not moving.

So I'll take your hand and pull you close to me
And we will close our eyes so we won't see
Eachother's physical appearance
I only want to feel your heart's beatin'.

Cuz when we die we'll be ugly anyway.
But the memory of who we are and what we did will stay.
My love, a picture has no worth.
What does is each one of the thousand words.
That they will speak as they stand above our graves.
About all the love that we gave.
And how we always were strong
We were heroes for having the will to carry on
And your life was made so you could live
Not so you could take it away from us.

And when the credits close they will be short
Only your name, my love, now don't you snort
You made this movie happen by yourself.
I never would have finished without you tell, to tell me
If I made a movie about my life.
People would want to see it and it would be liked.
But maybe, I'd better write a book.
(without pictures!)
Cause then they'll only see my heart
and not my looks.