View Full Version : I am not deep

08-09-2003, 10:00 PM
I am not deep.
Like the depths of the sea;
I fear if I were to swim down there
I'd drown and cease to be.
So i'll grow some gills and they will be made
of paper and pens and all the colors
ever made
and i would create something beautiful
for the whole world to see
but i wouldn't think so
and so I would just stop and think.

I am not deep, I'll never be
It's just not who i am.
I havent experienced enough pain
to speak a single word that would
mean anything to anyone
anywhere in time, but if it did
I would be happy because I'd actually made a difference in a sad and lonely person's life.

I am not deep, but it's alright
because i prefer the air.
swimming through the water's slow
but sailing through the sky
will quickly and effortlessly get you there.
So build your wings with strings and things
and perhaps it will not melt.
As long as it is made from
the strongest that you felt.
Cause we play in puddles all day long
we have no rubber floaty arms
if we tried to think of all the things
that ail us and make us ache
we would drink too much and sink.