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nice man washing
08-05-2003, 01:24 AM
Do any of you lovely people have to endure the nightmare of eczema? I've had it all my life, but it's really flared up in the past couple of years, the time in my life when I've started an office job and been having serious relationships . . .

Anyway, if anyone's got any tips for relief, I'd really appreciate it.

If none of you have eczema, you are blessed - it's horrific. :mad:

08-05-2003, 05:25 AM
my mom has it. she went to a dermatologist and got some sort of prescription lotion for it. i'll ask her what it was because it helped a lot.

nice man washing
08-05-2003, 06:51 AM
Thanks Kelly.

Alex McNoodles
08-05-2003, 07:48 PM
What's excezama?

nice man washing
08-06-2003, 02:26 AM
It's a dry skin condition that is unsightly and uncomfortable. In short, it's a right fucking cunt of a thing. Excuse my language - this hot weather means my skin is especially bad.

08-06-2003, 05:03 AM
mom says:

"The prescription is called betamethasone. I think you can also get stuff
over the counter too but I don't know names of products."

08-06-2003, 05:17 AM
with all due respect it astonishes me that one would post about their eczema on a message forum for an independent music label. my mind has just exploded.

nice man washing
08-06-2003, 05:24 AM
Why on earth not? People post about all sorts of weird stuff, and I figured someone might be able to help. Are you saying this isn't the right place for this kind of thing? As well as liking all the music I like, many of the people on this forum are also thoroughly kind, gentle, and considerate. Hence I thought they might help. End of story.

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08-06-2003, 02:29 PM
Yeah!!! I think its cool to post about one another's problems!! You guys and gals have made me feel better, so why not???

I am always willing to listen to another's problems... It doesn't bother me a bit!!

08-06-2003, 02:48 PM
I like how everyone immediately took my post as a flame and my one useless post generated 3 others. Grow some skin people, this is an internet message board.

Also, to Half-Handed: I posed that comment in a reply. I did not make a whole thread upon it. However, I'm glad you remembered it or took the time to search my post history for something to "get me back" with.

Fuck, condolences to you all.

08-06-2003, 02:56 PM
sorry to hear about your mind, housh

*tickles everyone with a feather to lighten things up*

nice man washing
08-07-2003, 02:15 AM
Peace to all indeed, and may the evils of eczema be gone forever . . .

Aiwa Chikara
08-14-2003, 11:40 PM
It seems that still no one has offered a solution. So I will; I have Eczema.
Eucerin works for a lot of people. It didn't work well for me, so I tried Hydrocortizone (1%) (the cheap stuff works just as well as the more spendy stuff). My whole right arm had been covered in nasty little rashes and sores and in no time at all it was normal. Also try Desitin (I know it's diaper rash ointment, and it smells pretty funky but it works.) Hope that helps.

nice man washing
08-15-2003, 02:59 AM

Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear about your eczema. Mine has flared up in the past few years, and I've really been trying to treat it without having to resort to steroid creams. I'm currently seeing an acupuncturist, who talks about my condition being related to 'excess blood wind', which is abstract, but interesting. I saw a homoeopath too for a while, but that seemed to be nothing more than a glorified counselling session, with a few placebos thrown in.

Eczema seems to afflict people who have excess imagination and energy that they cannot fully express. It's trapped fire that manifests itself on the skin. I've always regarded myself as 'easy going', but that's part of a strategy for not dealing with the negative aspects of my life. My recent relationships have really forced me to deal with some repressed history - my Dad leaving us; the death of my Mother - and it has all come to the surface, hence the eczema.

So I guess my original posting was something of a red herring: despite always being on the lookout for natural remedies that can relieve the itchiness and dry skin, what I'm really looking for are stories of people who have come up against challenges like this and overcome them. Right now it all seems pretty hopeless - which is why I resorted to posting here.

Thanks all.


Track & Field
08-18-2003, 04:35 AM
hey there...

i have ezcema too - i've had it for years but found it really flared up when i moved to london. i'm sure the disgusting atmosphere in the city combined with working in an office didn't help. but the hardness of the water here also seemed to mess me up.

i've got two ideas that might help...

basically ezcema can occur due to the body not being able to naturally manufacture gamma linolinec acid (gla). fortunately this acid is found in evening primrose oil which you can buy at most pharmacists. so i buy the big capsules of evening primrose oil and take them in large doses. get the really big tubs that include at least 80mg of gla in the capsules. in the uk, you can buy the big tubs from shops like holland and barrett or even boots the chemists - it's expensive (about 30 GBP a month) but in my opinion it's definitely preferable to the itching and inflamation of my skin that i had before. h&b also have regular "special offers" on their big tubs so buy loads when it's cheap! your doctor might also give it to you on a prescription if you go into the surgery looking particularly irritated and plead.

it says on the primrose oil packaging to take one a day but that's for "normal skinned people". i've been taking six in the morning and six at night for the past three years on the recommendation of a dermatologist at my local hospital and it has definitely helped me.

the other thing i use is a cream called 'diprobase'. you can get this over the counter at most pharmacists (boots definitely have it) and you should be able to get it on prescription from the doctor which halves the price. buy the 500g dispenser and smear it all over after you bathe/shower. this stuff is an absolute life-saver - to the extent that if i was sent to a desert island i would even take this stuff before my beach boys records (housh - please note musical link!!!!!). i think diprobase includes the stuff kelly mentioned her mum uses but i'm not sure - maybe this is the british version. it definitely has no steroids though so it's safe to use lots of it.

good luck. i know what yr going through. i tried things like accupuncture too (with no success - i just fell asleep). i dunno if the above will work for you but it's been great for me!


nice man washing
08-18-2003, 06:28 AM

Many thanks for the tips. Evening Primrose oil is something I haven't tried yet, so I'll give it a go.

I've started taking a zinc supplement, which is supposed to help the skin to heal.