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08-08-2005, 01:50 AM
Hey Folks,

If you see this a bunch, I'm very sorry for cross posting, but I wanted to reach as many people about the last minute details as I could.

Anyone who bought tickets, the tickets will be will call at the door. You can pick up tickets 2-6 at the Athens Music Museum (corner or College & Clayton) downtown Athens on Tuesday. 9-12 at the 40 Watt Club (washington) Athens on Tuesday. Little Kings (223 Hancock) from 3 - 2 am on Wednesday. 3-7 Little Kings (Thursday through Saturday), and 8pm on at the 40 Watt (Thursday through Saturday).

The schedule had some last minute changes. Two very sad events happened over the weekend. One the Great Lakes will not be able to make it, and neither will Human Television. The slots have been filled though. The schedule is listed below. Also if coming into town without a ticket, here is the pricing. Tuesday Athens Music Museum & 40 Watt Club FREE. Wednesday Little Kings is $8.00. Thursday Little Kings is $2.00, 40 Watt Club is $10.00. Friday Little Kings is $2.00, 40 Watt Club is $12.00. Saturday Little Kings is $2.00, 40 Watt Club is $10.00. The Wednesday Little Kings show is almost sold out, and Friday and Saturday night 40 Watt shows are getting pretty close.

Athens Music Museum (corner of College & Clayton) FREE starts at 3PM
Keith John Adams
Geoff Reacher
Marshmallow Coast
Shot Heard Around the World

40 Watt Club (Washington) FREE starts 9 PM
Scout Niblett
No Parachute DVD premiere

Little Kings (223 Hancock) $8.00 starts at 3 PM
the Elks
Ryan Anderson
the Ether Family
Tracer Matula
Cars Can Be Blue
Eames Era
Keith John Adams w/ Elekibass
Summer Hymns

Little Kings $2.00 starts at 3 PM
Cocker Spaniels
Charm School
Fabulous Bird
the Mega Hurts

40 Watt Club $10.00 starts at 8 PM
Pipes You See Pipes You Don't
the Instruments
Scott E Spillane (solo set)
the Late BP Helium
the Visitations

Little Kings $2.00 starts at 3 PM
Lake Holiday
the French Horns
the Smittens
Col Knowledge & the Lickity Splits

40 Watt Club $12.00 starts at 8 PM
Dan Deacon
Poison Control Center
We Versus the Shark
Casper & the Cookies
the Marbles

Little Kings $2.00 starts at 3 PM
Good Lord to the Devil
Lil Kickers
New Grenada
Ceiling Fan

40 Watt Club $10.00 starts at 8 PM
the Love Letter Band
Galactic Heroes
Red Pony Clock
63 Crayons
Circulatory System
Of Montreal

Sorry about the huge post. Mike