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08-05-2005, 11:39 AM
alright...this isnt really E6 related....or E6 related related, but all of you should know Mr California & The State Police. if not youre totally missing out. its one man "punk rock". and is hilarious and extremely awesome. he has a 10" out on load records, 10 different 7"s and 2 lps. hes doing a split with my band, soliah shawcross. we are more dancey punk-ish nowave. you might call it dance punk but its a little more dissonant. anyways...heres the details:

"alright, its been decided that there will be a Mr. California & The State Police/Soliah Shawcross 7".
you should already know Mr California...he has a 10" on load, about 10 other 7"s and 2 lps out. hes a legend and is fucking amazing. soliah shawcross is from portland, or and has a 7" currently out on Limbless records (there are mp3s on the limbless site) and is planning on having an lp released around january 2006 by Divergent Records.

this 7" is slated to be out january of 2005 as well. the two labels that are already putting in on this is Limbless Records, Plaster Cast and my label Death To False Noise. we need 2 others to split a release of 500 7"s, which leaves each label with 100 copies. it hasnt been decided if any will be on color or not, but it will be pressed at Musicol and they have a special for 500 7" which Limbless did to press several 7" such as the mach tiver/creature 7"...

there is also plans on doing a soliah shawcross/mr california tour in 2006 to support the new soliah shawcross lp and this split. the soliah shawcross tracks will be recorded in november so it will go to the plant around that time. we will get a quote on the cost and will discuss it with the interested labels. if you have any questions feel free to ask me or jerry (limbless)

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08-05-2005, 12:01 PM
best of luck to you finding your labels.

i'll buy one when the time comes