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07-28-2003, 09:02 PM
each second that passes feels like rain
each day that passes dries it up
each week that passes brings it to clouds
each year that passes makes it rain down
im caught in a cycle of recycling bicycles
trying to wheel myself away
but i slip all over again and sail
across the ground and stay

and the tears that float out from my eyes
remind me i'm not dead
cause there's a warmth somewhere
inside my soul
that gives me courage to do better

So i put these tears into a bowl
and drink them back inside
to quench the thirst of my throat
and put that last matter aside.
So then i fasten myself a boat
from kukui nuts and shells
and sail away off to the sun
ringing wedding bells
cause now i'm married to the sea
and the sea's married to me
the saddest sort of fairytale ending
that could ever be
I'm brighter than i've ever been
and i've never been here
with only my heart to guide me
and only my arms to steer.
so the seagulls let down their ropes
to pull my through the tide
and i thank them with my face hole
flapping and opening wide

And the sun beats down like baseball bats
cheering me on while i go
then i realize i dont like the sea
i'm hungry and im cold
so i return to the land
i wanted to leave behind
and thats when i see
the warmth and food
that i didnt look hard enough to find.
So i run into your arms again
embrace and kiss your pretty lips
and you say "don't ever leave me again"
and i say "don't worry there goes my ship"

07-28-2003, 10:53 PM
nice poem. very beautiful.