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the hurdy gurdy man
07-08-2005, 05:01 PM
I'm attending college in Kansas City (actually Olathe) and was wondering if there are any good record stores in the area... actually, any place that's good for anything....

Little DiSH Z
07-09-2005, 08:50 PM
I'm in the same area.

Honestly, all of the KC metro area is really accesible from pretty much anywhere, including Olathe.

That said, really GOOD record shops are few and far between. And, it really depends on what you're looking for.

For a WHOLE CRAPLOAD of older and vintage stuff, including a fair amount of really realyl valuable records, I reccomend the Music Exchange in Westport.

For newer stuff, I reccomend Recycled Sounds, also in Westport, thougth That's closer to main.

And, if you're not so into Vinyl, I also reccomend Streetside Records, ALSO in Westport. They have a pretty good mix of just about everything.

However, without a doubt the BEST record shop anywhere near Kansas City is in Lawrence (which, really isn't all taht far away if you're in Olathe). The place is called Love Garden Records, it has cats, and everything you could possibly want on vinyl.

if you want actualy specific locations of these places and/or directions from wherever the heck you are (i'm assuming Johnson County Community College, OR KU Edwards Campus, or some other place thati'm forgetting about...), you can go ahead and email me.


Hope that helps!