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05-10-2005, 07:44 PM

the Danny Says - the Danny Says CDR $5.00 - 14 tracks of pure Swedish pop bills. short run of 60 on first pressing, only a handful left.

Aqpop - Beautifully Smart CD $5.00 (SALE PRICE) Norwegian psych-pop with heavy elephant influence. (short run pressing, less than 10 copies left)

Here is what is coming up on HHBTM in the next few monthes.

MAY - HHBTM059- Bunnygrunt "Karen Haters Club" CD $15.00 (special sleeve version) $10.00 (regular CD) - cuddlecore and twee-pop legends Bunnygrunt have reformed and recorded a record of classic pop tunes that will hopefully inspire another generation of kids to pick up guitars and recreate the sound that Kindercore was built on..Will be touring the states in the summer, dates till being worked out. SHIPS OUT TO the FOLKS WHO PREORDERED in 3 Weeks.

JULY - HHBTM066- Various "No Parachute" DVD $14.00 - a dvd music video compilation with videos by Architecture in Helsinki, Boothby/ a Boy Named Thor, Boyracer, Bright Lights, Bugs Eat Books, Cannanes, Casper & the Cookies, Clientele, Coleman and Powell, Dear Nora,Elf Power, Entre Rios, From Bubblegum to Sky, Going Stagg, the Haywains, Hidden Cameras, Hydroplane, Kelly Slusher, Kimya Dawson, Le Mans, Lil Hospital, Loose in the Wild, Masters of the Hemisphere, Maybellines, Menocu, My Favorite, New Estate, Nixon, Of Montreal, Overlord, Palomar, Pia Fraus, Red Pony Clock, Relay, Scrabbel, Simpatico, Smittens, Snoozer, Snow Fairies, Summer in Between, Trembling Blue Stars, VHS & Babies, Watoo Watoo, Wee Turtles, Winnebago, Would-be-Goods and more. PREORDER NOW, OVER 1/2 ARE TAKEN BY DISTROS ALREADY

JULY- HHBTM067- Elekibass "Welcome Wonderful World" CD $10.00 - Japanese bubblegum psych-pop with heavy nods to the elephant 6 collective.Will be touring the states in in July/August 2005 w/ Casper & the Cookies. PREORDER NOW AND GET THE DOUBLE DISC VERSION w/ DVDR of 2003 TOUR.

HHBTM063- Boyracer "happenstance" CD $5.00 - Sarah records shamble pop legends return after a long break in the late 90's to drop a 23 track monster of a record. I would say riyl, but Boyracer are all their own.

HHBTM061- Men in Fur "men in fur" CD $5.00 - Jayme Goukas of Rabbit in Red, Snow Fairies, and the Escargo-gos goes solo and brings forth a concept record about animals in New order style with a keyboard and guitar based record.

HHBTM060- Bugs Eat Books "ghost of leaves" CD $5.00 - Athens, GA 4 piece with wordy songs cracked vocals, and jangley guitars, true nerd rock for the biggest nerds. Features members of Fairmont Fair, and the Wee Turtles.

HHBTM058- Casper & the Cookies "oh" CD $5.00 - Athens, GA 5 piece that takes heavily from Buddy Holly, Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, and the Beatles,. Features members of Of Montreal, Col Knowledge and the Lickety Splits, 63 Crayons, Neat Stripes, and the Late BP Helium.

HHBTM055- 63 Crayons "good people" CD $5.00 - Athens, GA 5 piece that sound like Olivia tremor Control doing Mamas and the Papas songs in the style of the B-52's. The best psychadelic freak out band around. Rising stars of the Athens music scene.

SWB001- Bill Santen "in the night kitchen" CD $5.00 - Bill Santen AKA Birddog goes solo and goes really dark. Bill gave the band walking papers, and went through a tough divorce, and a bad national tour in 2003, and this is what came about after he returned home. Songs about the road, the indie biz, failed relationships, and self pity. Moving stuff.

also on sale
Ashley Park - Secretariat Motor Hotel CD $3.00
Fablefactory - Freak Out Hard on You CD $3.00
Fablefactory - We Won't Rock You CD $3.00
Calvin Don't Jump - Crystal Clear Mississippi CD $3.00
Calvin Don't Jump - Away with Birds CD $3.00
Visitations - Visitations CD $3.00
Birddog - A Sweet and Bitter Fancy CD $3.00
Birddog - Songs from Willipa Bay CD $3.00
Elekibass - California CD $3.00
Elekibass / Quinka with a Yawn - split CD $3.00

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Vol 2 $5.00 (one copy left)
Starbag - Starbag $5.00 (one copy left)
Kingsauce - Please Don't Change the Channel $5.00 (2 copies left)
Carrots - Sunshine $5.00 (two copies left)
Hey, It's My Birthday cassette comp $5.00 (one copy left)

paypal Mike@hhbtm.com (preferred), check / money order to mike turner (for USA orders only)
free shipping in the USA when placing a $10.00 or more order. Canada = $2.00 first CD, and 50 cents each item after. Overseas = $4.00 first item and $1.00 each item after. email about discount shipping overseas for a big order.

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records
P.O.Box 742
Athens, GA 30603
Mike Turner


05-11-2005, 06:55 AM
Bunnygrunt, fuck yes.

call me hi
05-11-2005, 10:00 AM
whoa, that shit's cheap. and what good shit it is. i just sold my books today and that money is burning a hole. now i have to decide what i all want. so do we just send the money through paypal and mention what we want through that?

05-11-2005, 08:10 PM
of montreal? on a dvd.. details..

05-14-2005, 09:47 PM
the dvd is a compilation of music videos, and we will have alabee video on the dvd, as well as videos by tons of other bands, more info soming soon.