View Full Version : i want your writing.

07-08-2003, 08:29 PM
the quality of articulateness within this tiny little internet sub-community has always impressed me - it's got to be the good taste, of course - which is why i'm appealing to you now.
nobody becomes a writer unless they have to, and that's really never been more true. sample the internet literati and you'll literally be blown out of your seat by the pretension.. i really do think half these rags are operating on the belief that a long, incoherent string of words equates to depth.
(more than a few of them seem composed of the likes of Rob's Amazing Poem Generator, anyway)
i think there are good writers lurking out there, whether they're posting or not. and i want you. i want your talent, i want your stories, your poems - i want your third-grade journals - your thoughts on music, on ranier maria rilke, on the ways things feel differently through tongues. i want YOU. i just became the editor of this little rag called the Madrigal, and i want to take it places. really! i want good writing - coherent, important writing. i think you are people with something to say and i want to hear it.
takers and shakers, email themadrigalmag@yahoo.com . even if you don't exactly know what it is you have to say, don't let that stop you! we haven't decided that yet either. :)

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