View Full Version : Barbecue Suite

03-03-2005, 09:45 AM
I just now finished listening to The Barbecue Suite, and just thought I'd share some immediate reaction. That song is one fun and trippy psych fest. It's like old Olivia Marbles Hotel. The lo-fi sound only adds to the atmosphere; we can hear some good production ideas from Roberto even waaay back then.

The backwards sounds used for percussion sounds kinda like an intake of breath but plastic floral corsage with a mic inside it is. I wonder what kind of mic was that? Something plastic from Sears? Or the one that came with a tape recorder? I think we all generally start with one of those.

Do people really grill lizard legs? Ugh.

"Come on down, we'll set you up, we'll turn you on" is one of psychedelia's great lost refrains - until now!

Butler Martin's a poet, we know it, we hope he don't blow it. eh, sorry.

Wow, that is one noisy commode! Forwards and backwards.

The middle section is nicely syncopated and has a carnival atmosphere. You know you can't fake those 80's keyboard sounds. I love all of the fuzzy overdriven vocal and guitar too.

"Josephine the Prophet and Her Electric Crystal Ball" - I like that. Somebody could form a new band under that name. It's makes me think of a T.Rex lyric.

"The barbecue is over" section is sad sounding. Nice way to end with a completely different sparse acoustic section.

Thanks for sharing this, Robert, it's a real treat. Maybe not as tasty as a barbecue grill filled with sizzling lizard legs but, it'll have to do, heh.