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06-05-2003, 07:09 AM
disclaimer: don't worry, i've no wish to crash your houses :) merely looking for hotels, hostels for the ...uhm.. financially discerning backpacker..

okay, my girlfriend and i are travelling from murky yet green england to the southern states this September. We're starting off in Memphis, visiting Clarksdale and then heading to Athens by way of Chattanooga.

Like i say, it'll be late september, and we ain't too rich, so does anyone live in these regions? can you recommend places to stay (hostels, hotels, motels etc)?

and even..

things to do! first half of the trip is research for my dissertation, but after that....

thanks for your time


06-06-2003, 12:14 AM
I live in Chattanooga... I would be glad to help you figure out some place to say and somethings to do. Its a pretty city...

So what kinda price range are you talking about here? As far as hotels, I mean..


06-06-2003, 08:40 PM
Hello, the sprout!

Sadly, hostels are few and far between in the US. the only hostel i know in georgia is in Brunswick, which is south of Savannah. It's called Hostel in the Forest, and I haven't been there but friends of mine recommend it highly: you get to sleep in a tree house!

Going down to the crossroads, eh? I was near Clarksdale last summer but didn't get a chance to stop. If you find yourself in northern Mississippi, and if you are even remotely amused by Elvis Presley, definitely pay a visit to Graceland Too in Holly Springs, MS. http://www.roadsideamerica.com/roger/QueryTips.php3?tip.AttractionName=graceland+too&Tip.State=MS

Are you writing a disseratation on the blues?

Hotels/Motels in Athens? Hrmmmmmm....there's plenty in the downtown area, but they might be pricey. Check this site:


06-07-2003, 07:34 AM
hey guys..

i'd heard about the lack of hostels in the US (my housemate travelled america a couple of years back and mentioned as much) but thanks for the heads up nonetheless. We're really keen to visit, so if bus shelters and hobo-living it is, well... :)

i was wondering how the town is divided? i mean, every accommodation site always says 'walking distance', but are things really that close? i'm assuming most of the stuff happens 'downtown', so that's a good place to be. also, lots of hotels advertise being near the university. is this a good thing? or a bad? so many questions, but you folks is so nice ..

as for our tennessee portion, thanks for getting back :) i'd spied that's where you were from and was hoping you'd say something, and you did! woohoo!.. anyway, price wise, i'm talking budget.. under $40, guess. but then i know how prices vary in europe ($10 - $30 depending on where you go hostelling on da continent) so i don't know what to expect on your side of the pond; hehe.. looks like i might start wanting to crash people's housing [chortle chortle].

as for dissertation, i'm doing a study on how turn-of-the-century blues formed cultural landscapes and subcultures, and groups of resistance and specific belief structures and the politics of performance spaces, that sort of stuff.

but thanks for getting back to me, and any more ideas you have are still greatly appreciated. we just want to grab a cup of coffee in the x-ray cafe, catch a show at the 40 watt, bump into jeff.. you know the usual fairytales ;)

hmm... .oO(..daydreams..)

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06-07-2003, 10:18 AM
Well, for 40 dollars or less, I don't really know what to recommend here in town. There is some really fun things to do (if you don't live here). There is great hiking on Lookout Mountain (sunset rock is the best). Everyone should really see Rock City once I suppose. Coolidge park is really nice.

I guess the cheapest motels would be in a little suburb called East Ridge. I think you can find out about prices through Travelocity.com.

The Holiday Inn in Downtown Athens runs good specials on the weekends. Its right across the street from the action too! We usually can stay there for under 50 dollars, and then we can have all the fun we want without driving anywhere!

Anyway, if you need anymore help with where you want to stay, let me know. I will let you know about the motel if you find a cheap one! :)


07-08-2003, 07:44 PM
you sound like you are studying geography, so you should visit the geography building on campus sometime and see our big globe. i'm a phd in the department, so perhaps we should meet up and chat. i teach an introductory cultural class so i'd be interested to hear (a lot) more about your diss. we could also probably put you and your girlfriend up on our nice red futon, so send me an email with more specifics. we are close to downtown (15 minute walk to blue sky), close to campus, and close to the co-op where our very own tony smilingly helps us get yummy foods.

hopefully there will a house show or two as well, so you can see the real side of music in athens - the free/cheap scene without all the hassle of $18 cover and $3 beers at the 40 watt, et al. and no that is not a slam against the e6 or (most of) the athens scene, but a slam against the profiteers who have pillaged these scenes. now that i think about it, i don't want to slam the 40 watt either, for they have given me years of excellent music. it just gets old after a while to pay cover and buy pricey beers when you can bring your own beer and have an equally good time seeing bands that love to play. i think we can write a paper.

anyhow, let me know whats going on and we can get something worked out.

kurisu (chris)

07-11-2003, 09:51 AM
If you are coming to the Wisconsin/Minnesota area you would be welcomed to stay at my place with my girlfriend and our great roomie Megan.

07-12-2003, 09:15 AM
cheers guys!

chris: i've dropped you a quick email in response to your post. i'm very, very grateful for the offer.. so maybe we could sort something out?

thanks again


09-10-2003, 10:45 AM
well, its all planned. we're coming! i was just wondering if you got my latest email, kurisu? been having problems, y'see. if we could get in contact that'd be great... i'm playing the game of being disorganised!