View Full Version : Listening party idea for The High Water Marks & Ulysses...

09-22-2004, 01:15 PM
One of our interns had the great idea of throwing listening parties around the United States for The High Water Marks and Ulysses.

We have a guy at UCLA who wants to throw a listening party in his dorm building/quad for The High Water Marks. And I know some of the people who put up posters for THWM were college students.

So... who would be interested in getting a bunch of kids together and having a party? We can send stickers, buttons, and maybe a few cool autographed prizes.

We'd trust you to set up the party, send pictures, and give the prizes away to legitimate people who "win" (not just to your friends. You can be in high school, college, a drop out... whatever. You figure it out!

And we'll be sure to send props to you and put you on the guest list when they come to your town.

Email april@eeniemeenie.com. It will be rad!