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05-29-2003, 05:42 PM
this is a song the consequences of a guy drunk driving and killing his sister (which is a hypothetical situation but still very real)

At your funeral
everyone is crying
and i dont know why
your the one who died
it was me
who was driving
it was me
who took your life

at your funeral
everyone is drying
the oceans in their eyes
as they pray at the sky
At your funeral
we're realizing
even though your gone
the world is still
worth a try

At home your telephone is ringing
i let it go and go to sleep
you may be gone
but my brain's still bringing
thoughts of swimming
in ponds in the spring.

At home your doorbell's ringing
i let it go and go to sleep
but i find in my mind
my brain is still bringing
memories of your body
all swollen as it sinks

And even though your gone
my life's still flying by
and i remember how you taught me
that the world is still worth a try.