View Full Version : id like to post a song

05-27-2003, 03:35 PM
yep its true, i would.

Youve got to stretch and wake
and stretch and shake your ache away
let your fingers melt inside the
hollows of your drifting body
kicking in the shallows of the
sheets your trying to hold on to
try to blend in them until you pass thru

and something moved
deep inside
some white hot you could not hide
and all your teeth chatter till they sweat
And as you fall from your bed
all the bedsheets eat your legs
and your teeth chatter out of your head

Then and when you looked to the door
granny's limping in
a peg leg plastic nose and hair
falling of like string beans
artificial teeth begin their screaming
and they say
youve been here for 20 years
its time to get awake!