View Full Version : I burned a CD for Richard's birthday

03-20-2010, 10:45 PM
...but the WinAmp at work wasn't working, so I wrecked two discs trying to do it. Finally I decided to send the mp3 files to myself in a zip. "Why didn't you just put them in your thumb drive?" a friend asked later as it took me forever to load them @ home since I am on a dinosaur computer w. dialup. Man, I wish I had thought of that earlier. Anyway, long story short the yousendit link is good for 5 more days and/or 100 DLs, so you guys can have Richard's birthday mix too if you want it. Here is the setlist, in no particular order:
Hold Tight- Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
Fun & Blowjobs- the artist formerly known as ManTits
Running in Place- Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders
Lookin' Thru the Window- Jackson Five
Colossal Youth- Young Marble Giants
A Curse Upon Iron- Veljo Tormis
Magic- Pilot
Visions of Angels- Daevid Allen
Zombie Dance- The Cramps
Bajo al Volcan- Santos Dumont
Meatball- Fogs
The Chase- by Alan Reeves, Phil Steele, and Philip Brigham fr. Kill Bill 2 OST
I Am the Walrus- The Thurston Lava Tubes
Pieciu Nas Jest- Czerwone Gitary
Freakshow-Britney Spears
Issoku Sokahatsu- Yonin Bayashi
Hilly Fields- Nick Nicely
Drano in Your Veins- Poli Styrene
Pyramids Babylon-Theater of Sheep
Gura Gura- Halko Momoi
unknown jam- Nirvana

and here is the link to get it from: https://rcpt.yousendit.com/838545212/71b4daf97ade8bcac8655446dde6ca45