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05-13-2003, 01:35 PM
I'm taping a bunch of songs i wrote and then im going to give them to my friend Joe to burn onto audio cds. the recording has a cover if Two Headed Boy by NMH and Wishful Eyes by NMH which i probably didnt do to well on but whatever. I could send it to you guys if you want, just email me at freak_boy18@hotmail.com
and ill send them as soon as i can.
here's the tracks, see if any sound interesting (i might add more cuz it might be a while until i get it burned)

1. Sounds
2. The Guitards
3 a lisp
4 you are a fairytale
5 luthriel
6 Lead Wings
7 Wooden Bat
8 Untitled
9 Two Headed Boy (NMH)
10 Wishful eyes (NMH)
11 a poem about 9/11
12 beauty blind ( a poem )
13 blank (13 is bad luck)
14 Bus Stop Girl
15 Shade of Grey
16 Galileo
17 Random Philisophical Statements
+ Thanks to jeff mangum's parents
+ more sounds

i hope i dont get in trouble for this im not a member of e6 so they might find it to be advertising but im doing this for free so maybe not (shrug)

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05-15-2003, 09:05 PM
ooo I'll take a copy. I'll email you too but since I'm so slow at getting things done it may take awhile which is why i decided to post first.