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05-15-2009, 11:36 AM
Hey Folks,
Loads and loads of news about releases, singles club, tours, parties, and showcases, so let’s jump in.

The new album Modern Silence was released on Tuesday, and if you are a record store and you need copies you can pick them up via Carrot Top, Darla, Revolver, Stickfigure, and Tonevendor. Regular folks can order them via the band or through the HHBTM website. We have two versions the regular CD version for $10, and the special edition versions that comes with 4 printed cloth banners and a button for $13. The Cookies have been getting some great press, and you can request songs to be played on your local college station. The Cookies will be playing the NYC PopFest and touring this summer, dates below.

The new album Preak Phantasy CD/LP will be coming out officially on May 26th, but you can pre-order it now and get a painting with your pre-order by Andy Gonzales himself. The pre-order versions are going quick and we have just a few left. The LP is limited to 100 copies and right now we have just 15 copies left, so if you want it on vinyl you’d better hurry. The CD & painting or LP & painting are $15 or you can get the CD+LP w/ painting package for $20. Andy has just a few summer shows planned, but will be doing some touring this fall.

Bunnygrunt will be doing a tour to and from the SF PopFest starting this weekend. We had hoped to have the new album ready, but the mixing and mastering is still being worked on by Casper & Matt. Look for the new Bunnygrunt album “Matt Harnish and Other Delights” later in the summer with a southeast tour to follow. We’ll be announcing the pre-order for the new album in 2 weeks for both CD & LP.

The Afternoon Naps have finished their HHBTM debut release “Parade” which will be coming out later this summer. We have some great pre-order stuff coming up for this which will be on both CD & LP. You can catch some of the songs when the Afternoon Naps play the NYC PopFest this weekend.

The Lolligags are working on their debut full length with Andy Gonzales currently to be released on CD & LP this winter.

The Smittens have some new music videos coming up, and will be doing a triple threat of playing the NYC PopFest, SF PopFest, and IndieTracks. There is also rumors of a new Smittens record in the works, more news as it comes in.

New HHBTM band Tunabunny are currently finishing up work on their side of the upcoming HHBTM / 555 split 12” with Hulaboy.

Forever have been racking up the press for their debut self titled EP, and will be bringing their DIY house party punk rock show to a town near you over the summer.

Cars Can Be Blue are taking the summer off, but have plans to finally do their UK tour this fall with Hotpants Romance, and will be doing a 2 week tour with new label mates the Lovely Eggs this August & September.

New HHBTM band the Lovely Eggs will have their debut HHBTM record out this fall and will be touring for 2 weeks with Cars Can Be Blue. Still no word on the album title or the track listing, but I’m to expect it any day now.

Eux Autres have now added two more members one being Yoshi of Aislers Set & Still Flyin’, and they also have a new single coming out on their own Bon Mots label. The new single “Your Alight” is limited to 250 copies has a silkscreen sleeve, and comes on clear vinyl. You better go to www.euxautres.com and get one while you can. Like their label-mates the Smittens they are also pulling a triple threat and playing NYC PopFest, SF PopFest, and Indie Tracks this summer.

Haven’t heard yet, but I think Keith John Adams might now be Keith John Daddums. Keith drop us a line and let us know.

Fishboy has a 12” EP coming up soon…more details when Eric Michener gets them to me. The EP will destroy you, that’s all I can say at this time.

The High Water Marks took the place of Tender Forever as we just quit hearing from Melanie over a year ago. Things have to keep moving on, but this was a major delay in the club. So now we have a High Water Marks / Love Letter Band split. The Of Montreal / James Husband single is back and sounds great, just got to screen the sleeves and that one is done. The final single that was to be Circulatory System / New Sound of Numbers aka Sound Houses has been canceled. The new Circulatory record took all the songs, and Sound Houses let me know late last year they didn’t have anything ready to go and were working on writing a new album. However this single has been replaced with Sunshine Fix / Always Red Society single. Basically this single will be tracks pulled from both Will & Bill’s pre-Olivia Tremor Control archives. Casper will be mastering the single after he gets back the for NYC PopFest. After talking to the plant yesterday if all things go as planned I should have the 13th and final single in my hands the last week of June. So if anyone who subscribed to the singles club has moved since their last singles were mailed email your new address to press@hhbtm.com. I want to get the mailers addressed now so I can drop these in the mail the day after they come in from the plant. Again I am so sorry this club has taken this long, but you can’t rush art I guess.

New York City, NY - NYC PopFest May 14th – 17th
Casper & the Cookies, the Smittens, Eux Autres, & the Afternoon Naps

San Francisco, CA – SF PopFest May 21st – 24th
Eux Autres, Smittens, Bunnygrunt

Athens, GA - Athfest June 25th – 28th
Tunabunny, Casper & the Cookies, Cars Can Be Blue, Forever

Derbyshire, UK - Indie Tracks July 24th – 26th
The Lovely Eggs, the Smittens, Eux Autres

Athens, GA – HHBTM 10 Year BDAY Party August 27th – 29th
Casper & the Cookies, Bunnygrunt, High Water Marks, Cars Can Be Blue, Red Pony Clock, the Lovely Eggs, Lolligags, Marshmallow Coast, Tunabunny, Afternoon Naps, Visitations, & 4 more still to come.

I keep saying it’s coming, but the new website is almost done, and it will be so easy to work even I can update it.

In 2 weeks there will be full details on preorders for Afternoon Naps & Bunnygrunt, HHBTM100 box set, more singles club news, and loads more……

TOUR DATES (so much touring this summer)

Casper & the Cookies
15th Spazzatorium, Greensboro, NC
17th Cake Shop, New York, NY-- NYC Popfest
30th Caledonia, Athens, GA CD Release Party *
5th Prevue, Charlotte, NC
18th Brillobox, Pittsburgh, PA #
20th Middle East, Boston, MA #
21st Cake Shop, New York, NY #
22nd Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, NY #
23rd Danger Danger Gallery, Philadelphia, PA #
24th Solly's, Washington, DC, Early Show #
27th Twisted Branch, Charlottesville, VA #
29th Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA #
10th Daytrotter, Rock Island, IL
11th The Mill, Iowa City, IA
29th Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA HHBTM 10 YR BDAY PARTY $

* w/ the Lolligags & Marshmallow Coast
@ w/ Cars Can Be Blue, Forever, Tunabunny
# w/ Everything Now
$ w/ High Water Marks, Visitations, Red Pony Clock

High Water Marks
29th Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA

Marshmallow Coast
30th Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA
28th Caledonia Lounge, Athens, GA

Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records
P.O.Box 742
Athens, GA 30603

05-15-2009, 11:48 AM
Oh wow, Bill and Will pre-Olivia stuff???? So I have to join the singles club to get my hands on that?

05-16-2009, 06:46 AM
Oh wow, Bill and Will pre-Olivia stuff???? So I have to join the singles club to get my hands on that?

yeah apparently you do - but i really don't want the other stuff
i guess ill just wait for the rips