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05-12-2009, 09:17 AM
My name is Haruo and I'm a very recent fan of Madeline, this is my review from the Metz show !

Madeline in Metz

Madeline Adams

Many times, music hits you without warning. It just happened to me again. 5 days ago, I didn't know who Madeline Adams was. I read an article written by a French blogger, listened to a few songs, liked them, went to her myspace and saw that she was coincidentally touring in France ! I really felt that I needed to see her when I had the opportunity so I winged a surprise trip, to Metz in the East of France. I didn't regret it, Madeline comes from Athens, Georgia and at age 24, she's already released two records and I was about to see if I made the right decision to see her.


After a quick train ride to Metz, I visited the city for a couple of hours, I went past the venue, it was on the corner of a street, a little café. i checked back at the hotel to take a little rest and get ready for the show. I arrived at the Emile Vache at 7pm, Madeline and the other band she was touring with, Defiance Ohio, were there. I saw Madeline rehearsing, she sounded already very nice. I didn't go up to meet her yet, didn't want to bother her before her set but I was getting more and more excited to hear her sing.

Madeline took the stage at 8pm. There was like forty people atmost in this tiny café. What i like about Madeline is her distinctive voice, she can easily catch high notes and she's very cool at playng fingerpicking guitar. She started alone on stage, then in the middle of her set, one of the band members from Defiance Ohio joined her with the bass and finally the drummer played on the last couple of songs too. Madeline plays mostly folky rocky songs. i only knew Dirty South and Jive Talking, which are her main songs but all of the other ones were very cool too. I didn't really have time to check her music before this show, I just went there knowing basically 2 or 3 songs of hers.

It was a fun show for me because there was some space for me to move around with my camera so for once, I could take pictures from different angles. I also taped the whole show although many people walked past my camera, at some point I left my spot at the table and my camera hoping nobody would take it but the people were very respectful and let it roll.


Madeline has spent a lot of time on the road as she is a very seasoned performer. She doesn't smile too much but she is beautiful nonetheless. After her lovely set, i finally went to meet her and I was my usual self, bringing pictures and sharpies to the merch table. I bought her a few CDs and got them signed. I told her I've just discovered her music and I thought she was amazing. At the end, i got two pictures taken with Mady. she's got a pretty nice smile. She left to smoke a cigarette, which confused me because in my opinion, she should not smoke to keep her voice as pretty as it is now.


The main act, Defiance ohio, took the stage and played a nice set too. it's kind of folk-punk music. I stayed back for this one, although I shouldn't have because Madeline joined them for a song. People were so tall, I almost couldn't see the band at all. No wonder why I always try to take the first row any time I can. At 9:50pm, it was time to wrap up things. It was rainy outside but i was quite happy with this new and surprising musical experience.

You can see the pictures here

Jive Talking video

Dirty South video

Enjoy !

appalled i was
05-12-2009, 10:29 AM

i was at the death by audio show. i couldnt hear anything. everyone was talking. i was really looking forward to see Madeline's set. hopefully ill catch her when she comes around again.

05-13-2009, 01:05 PM
Haruo, this is really lovely. Thank you for sharing with us!

05-13-2009, 04:04 PM
I'm glad that you liked the review, I love documenting the shows I go to and Madeline was nothing short of amazing. I just realized I went to see an artist i didn't know anything about and that she played only like 35 minutes but she was so lovely and i'm looking forward to see her again. I feel really lucky to have caught her just in time.

I asked her if this was the first time she came to France and she said yes, I really hope that she felt welcome.

Where have you seen her before ? how many times ? do you like her better with short or long hair ? I like her both ways from I've seen in various photographs. Of course, her main asset is her voice, it's basically the reason why I made this trip.

05-13-2009, 11:11 PM
Thanks for the videos and the cool writeup! Looks like theo from nana grizol on drums if I'm not mistaken (well he is in defiance,ohio too).

05-14-2009, 05:41 PM
Yeah, her hair is pretty nice long. I definitely like it both ways though.

05-14-2009, 06:28 PM
I wish I knew a bit more about her music and background before hand. When I met her, I didn't have that much to say so i just went there with my pictures to get signed and that usually does the trick...and it did !

i remember telling her that I loved her fingerpicking style, she answered that she couldn't play the big rockin' songs anymore. I also loved her accent and when I asked where she came from, I figured out why it has some kind of edge :). I went for a couple of times in Georgia and i like that people are humble there. i mostly went to Florida when I was there on vacation in the South so Georgia kind of offers a different scenery.

Hmmm I'm not quite familiar with the people who she plays with, so i'm sorry if there's so mistakes. For now, it's just Mady (I just want to call her Mady :p) and the others.

I wanted to know if she was very popular in the US ? or is she still a hidden treasure ? well, how did you all get to know her ?